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My first house...

All Hallows Magic TreeTop

All Hallows Magic TreeTop


Bending Pine MagicShop

Bending Pine MagicShop


Mischief Magic Gnome Home


NorthWoods MagicShop


Bare Branches MagicShop

Bare Branches MagicShop

Under The Sun ~ Fairy Grandmother's House

Wildflower Cottage

Wildflower Cottage


In The Pink

In the Pink Cottage


'Tis The Season...

a special order village with a cuckoo clock!


Harvest House

Daisy Basket Cottage

Queen Anne's Lace 

Blue House

Winter Fairy House

Sunnyside House

Autumn Gnome Home

Buttercup House

Red Hat Teahouse

Garden House

Whoopi's House

Miniature Hobbit House

Stone's Throw Inn

Warrior's Hollow

Christmas House

Big Fairy House

For a larger fairy :)

Emma's House

Mermaid's Cove

Touch of Blarney House

Petal Pink House

Rainbow Falls House

Honey Tree House

Sunroom House

Visions of Sugar Plums Original House

(lost in the fire)

Starshine House

Princess & the Dragon

Fablemyst Fortress

Who~Ville Christmas House

Toadstool Inn

Pink Lace & Strawberries House

Leah's House

Joan's House

Hammock House

Music Makers House

 Rose & Vine House

Starlight Herb Shop

Candle-Makers Shop

The Pink Palace


Gnome Home


Sunflower House



& A Lttle Bit-o-Dust

Fresh Baked Buns

Windows, fairies & more...

Window suncatchers!

Window prisms!

Window jewels!

Hand dipped tiny candles!

Cozy bedrooms!

Cozy fireplace & hand sewn quilts!

Mermaid bed!


Hand carved furniture!